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Rezulin was a diabetic medication sold by Parke Davis. The company fast-tracked the drug to market without adequate safety testing. Three years later Parke Davis withdrew Rezulin from the market due to the high level of liver failures and deaths associated with the drug.

Littlepage Booth led the charge for all Rezulin state court cases. The law firm reviewed millions of pages of corporate documents and conducted over a year of depositions. Ms. Littlepage and Mr. Booth tried five multi-week Rezulin cases to verdict, all across the country. The Littlepage Booth trial team brought back over $36 million in jury verdicts for its clients and settled claims on behalf of hundreds of injured diabetics.[1][2][3] Ms. Littlepage and Mr. Booth wrote materials,[4][5] lectured nationwide[6][7] and helped educate their colleagues and the public about the Rezulin litigation.