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Little Hearts Charity

Little Hearts is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of children around the world. The law firm of Littlepage Booth founded Little Hearts in 1999 after the firm settled one of its largest cases. Since that time, Littlepage Booth lawyers have competed in a number of adventure races to help raise money for a variety of humanitarian charitable work. The charity assists orphaned, needy and underprivileged children.

The Global Scavenger Hunt

Since 2008, Zoe Littlepage and Rainey Booth have competed each year in the Great Escape Global Scavenger Hunt. Many of the law firm’s other attorneys and support staff have participated as well. The Global Scavenger Hunt raises charitable funds for the Great Escape Foundation, an organization that provides education and basic medical needs to some of the most economically challenged villages around the world. Starting on the West Coast of the United States each year, Great Escape teams compete in an around-the-world expedition involving solving clues, deciphering riddles and having adventures in over a dozen countries before returning to the United States three weeks later. As part of the event, Ms. Littlepage and Mr. Booth, competing under the team name “Lawyers Without Borders,” have volunteered at local orphanages and hospices in South East Asian countries including Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, and Nepal. The team also provided needed resources such as baby milk, food, toys and other supplies to the community.

Ms. Littlepage and Mr. Booth have won this event four times and their efforts have raised close to $70,000 for charity.

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Other Charitable Work

In July 2000, Little Hearts partnered with a local Houston Montessori school to help raise money for the charity. Members of Little Hearts worked with the school’s students to organize a musical and dance program to help better educate the students and the audience about other cultures. The show was a "Broadway hit!"

Little Hearts has also provided orphaned and abandoned children in the West Indies with school supplies, bedding and clothes.