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Women were prescribed the popular diet drug combination, Fen-Phen, to lose weight. The drug manufacturer, American Home Products, waited until September of 1997 to remove the drug from the market even though the company knew years early that these medications could cause serious injuries. Fen-Phen caused both Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) (an often fatal illness involving elevation of blood pressure in the passageway between the heart and the lungs) as well as damage to a user's heart valves, often necessitating heart valve surgery.

Zoe Littlepage represented hundreds of plaintiffs in the Fen-Phen litigation[1][2] and in 1996, she took Wyeth to trial in a pivotal case in Council Bluffs, Iowa.[3][4][5][6][7] Ms. Littlepage single-handedly litigated against over a dozen Wyeth lawyers until Wyeth settled the case several days into trial. In the wake of that case, Ms. Littlepage was able to obtain favorable settlements for all of her clients.